About Team G

Team G: Dan, Ann, Benelli, Nam

The Ganches are an international family
based in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, USA.
We like to eat dinner together at night.

Dan Ganch

Dan Ganch grew up at his father Eugene's side, learning not to be afraid of taking things apart, in order to either fix them or maybe just to see how they work. Schooled in Engineering, Art, and common sense, Dan combines a hands-on approach with an inquisitive mind. He has worked as an Independent Carpenter and Craftsman for over 25 years. He enjoys a working relationship with many local artists and architects, design firms and exhibit developers. He also really likes wheels.

Ann Corazon Ganch

Ann Corazon Ganch has an extensive background in Health and Midwifery Care. Her passion is for strong and vibrant families through sustainable living practices. Ann is the Office Manager, Content Developer, and Photographer for Super G Carpentry. Her personal organizing business, Creating Space, is dedicated to making this world a better place for us all to live well together. In addition, Ann is training as a Chimera Self Defense Class Assistant with the Dane County Rape Crisis Center.