About Team G

Team G: Dan, Ann, Benelli, Nam

The Ganches are an international family
based in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, USA.
We like to eat dinner together at night.

Dan Ganch grew up at his father's side. Eugene was an Electrical Engineer and the unofficial handyman for many a friend and neighbor. Schooled in Engineering, Art, and common sense, Dan combines a hands-on approach with an inquisitive mind. He has worked as an Independent Carpenter and Craftsman for over 20 years. He has also enjoyed a working relationship with the Madison Children's Museum, specializing in Exhibit Design and Fabrication.

Ann Corazon Ganch has an extensive background in Health and Midwifery Care. Her passion is for strong and vibrant families through sustainable living practices. Ann wrote the text for this site, and holds down the office at Super G. Her personal organizing business, Creating Space, is dedicated to making this world an easier place for us all to live well together.

Benelli Ganch is a Colombian-American girl with a wild imagination and a kind heart. She's a top-notch Middle School student, who stays in shape by playing Classic Soccer for Mount Horeb. She was selected to attend College for Kids at UW-Madison, which was the highlight of her Summer. In addition, she is well-suited to assist her mom in Creating Space(!)

Nam Jin Ganch is a Korean-American boy with a sharp mind and lots of fire. He loves going freestyle on his bike and snowboard, and playing with his friends 'til the sun goes down. He is a top-notch student as well, and has unbridled creativity and enthusiasm for hands-on learning and making stuff in the shop with his dad.